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Nosore team Nuno Nobre and Martti Vakkala
Nuno Nobre and Martti Vakkala

Nuno Nobre, RN, PhD
Dr. Nobre has over 15 years’ experience in emergency nursing. He has worked also in rehabilitation wards. His research work (PhD from Helsinki University in 2018) Dr. Nobre plays a major role in designing the clinical trials and resource management.

Martti Vakkala, MBA
Martti is sales-oriented business builder. Martti have over 20-year successful experience with startup business building. He built software company Efecte (listed) product business from 200.000 to 3 M euros. Martti is creating partnerships and market understanding in the team.

We are seeking partners in:
  • partners in wheelchair & smartsheet manufacturers
  • software developers in AI and medical frontend
  • financing

Head of research: hanna.renvall
Technology and testing: nuno.nobre +358407052546
Partners & financing: martti.vakkala +358504119229